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Faculty E-mail Directory

To try to avoid having our email addresses harvested by spammers, we are not listing the full email address. Please add "@centralchristian.edu" to the end of the listed email address to email anyone in this list. Example: John.Doe@centralchristian.edu

Name Department(s) E-Mail / Webpage
Alexander, Candi English Department Chair Candi.Alexander
Allen, Dr. Ron Education Department Chair Ron.Allen
Anderson, Dr. Larry Ministry & Theology Larry.Anderson
Barreiro, Enrique Business, Sport Science, & Humanities Enrique.Barreiro
Bowers, Quinn Adjunct - Aviation Quinn.Bowers
Brown, Tom Adjunct - Social Science Tom.Brown
Clobes, Crystal Adjunct - Music Crystal.Clobes
Craig, Michael Natural Science & Math Chair Michael.Craig
Dawson, Shane Adjunct - Music & Theatre Shane.Dawson
Favara, Rev. Dr. Lenny Provost Lenny.Favara
Ferrell, David Business Department Chair David.Ferrell
Fleming, Rev. Zach Adjunct - Ministry & Theology Zach.Fleming
Gates, Chris Communications / Drama / Social Science Chris.Gates
Gillette, Jessica Sport Science & Health (Physical Education) Chair Jessica.Gillette
Grubbs, David English David.Grubbs
Hagen, Ron Adjunct - Social Science & Criminal Justice Ron.Hagen
Harms, Tiffiney Adjunct - Music Tiffiney.Harms
Jackson, Dr. Robin Math / Aviation Robin.Jackson
Janssen, Brett Music Brett.Janssen
Kaufman, Jacob Fine Arts Department Chair Jacob.Kaufman
Kaufmann, Charles Social Science Chair / Psychology / Sociology Charles.Kaufmann
Kelley, Bev Library Director Bev.Kelley
Lorenz, Dr. Glenn Ministry & Theology Department Chair Glenn.Lorenz
Mackey, Rev. Ryan Music / Business Ryan.Mackey
Moody, Kyle Sport Management Kyle.Moody
Mourn, Justin Director of Spiritual Formation and Experiential Learning Justin.Mourn
Muntz, Patricia Director of Student Success Muntz.Patricia
Nelson, Carol Adjunct - Education Carol.Nelson
Nye, Beverly Adjunct - Education Beverly.Nye
Reese, Melinda Education Melinda.Reese
Reed, Rick Adjunct - Social Studies
Seymore, Sam Adjunct - Music
Shugart, Suzee Adjunct - Ministry & Theology
Smidderks, Dean Adjunct - Ministry & Theology Dean.Smidderks
Smith, Suzanne  Mathematics Suzanne.Smith
Snell, Rebecca  Adjunct - Music Becky.Snell
Sparks, Jamie Psychology Jamie.Sparks
Spencer, Debra Adjunct--Music
Ullum, Naomi A. Art Naomi.Ullum
Whitacre, Karen Adjunct - Education Karen.Whitacre
Whitehouse, Heath Business Heath.Whitehouse

Staff E-mail Directory

To try to avoid having our email addresses harvested by spammers, we are not listing the full email address. Please add "@centralchristian.edu" to the end of the listed email address to email anyone in this list. Example: John.Doe@centralchristian.edu

Name Title E-Mail
Adam, Janet Associate Archivist & Food Service Janet.Adam
Allen, Cindy Teacher Education Coordinator Cindy.Allen
Barreiro, Enrique Assistant Men's Soccer Enrique.Barreiro
Blanchard, Kellory Stoll Hall Residence Director & Cheerleading Coach Kellory.Blanchard
Bosnyak, Whitney Financial Aid Counselor Whiteney.Bosnyak
Bower, Amy Development - Communications Amy.Bower
Brown, Jeremy Fleet Manager Jeremy.Brown
Brown, Karen MudHole Manager Karen.Brown
Burrill, Amy South Kline Hall Residence Director Amy.Burrill
Carver, Nichole Assistant Director of Financial Aid - SPE Nichole.Carver
Coates, Casey Admissions Counselor Casey.Coates
Cooney, Viola Food Service Viola.Cooney
Crain, Graham Director of Development - Annual Fund Graham.Crain
Crain, Jenna Executive Assistant to the Provost Jenna.Crain
Crandall, Chelsea Assistant Volleyball Coach Crandall.Chelsea
Cumpston, Zac Head Golf Coach Zac.Cumpston
Cunningham, Justin Head Men's Baseball Coach Justin.Cunningham
Ellis, A.J. Institutional Research Officer AJ.Ellis
Epp, Rose Assistant Registrar Rose.Epp
Favara, Dea Director of Dual Credit Dea.Favara
Favara, Lenny Provost Lenny.Favara
Ferralez, Cory Admissions Counselor Cory.Ferralez
Ferrell, John Archivist John.Ferrell
Fithian, Carol Student Accounts / Payroll Carol.Fithian
Fogarty, Scott Head Women's Soccer Coach Scott.Fogarty
Gallagher, Aubrey Ministry Department Assistant Aubrey.Gallagher
Gillette, Vicki Food Service Vicki.Gillette
Glenn, Brock Athletic Liaison & Transfer Coordinator Brock.Glenn
Golden, Tina EXCEL Recruiter Tina.Golden
Gray, Scott Assistant Women's Basketball Coach & Food Service Director Scott.Gray
Greco, Tom Criminal Justice Program Director Tom.Greco
Grubbs, Katie Writing Center Director Katie.Grubbs
Haga, Tina Assistant Softball Tina.Haga
Hatfield, Kyle Assistant Men's Basketball Kyle.Hatfield
Hawkins, Calvin Director of Planned Giving Calvin.Hawkins
Herbig, Jon Assistant Baseball Coach Jon.Herbig
Honeck, Chris Head Women's Basketball Coach & Development Officer Chris.Honeck
Hoxie, Aaron Head Men's Soccer Coach Aaron.Hoxie
Hoxie, Hal President Hal.Hoxie
Jeffery, David Chief Development Officer Dave.Jeffery
Jose, Mikel Network Engineer Mike.Jose
Kasiska, Lanita Executive Assistant to the President Lanita.Kasiska
Kellner, Thomas Assistant Baseball Coach Thomas.Kellner
Kerr, Chad Athletic Director/Head Softball Coach Chad.Kerr
Kremer, D.A. Assistant Baseball Derk.Kremer
Kirby, Larry Maintenance Larry.Kirby
Kroeker, Cheyenne Associate Dean - School of Professional Education & Distance Education Cheyenne.Kroeker
Kroeker, Dean Special Assistant to the President Dean.Kroeker
Ludwick, Christina Volleyball Head Coach Christina.Ludwick
Mart, Justin  Assistant Men's Basketball Justin.Mart
Martin, Richard The Well Manager Rich.Martin
Martinez, Lacey Athletic Trainer Lacey.Martinez
Masar, Patrick Director of Admissions Patrick.Masar
Mayse, Missy Student Development Office Manager Missy.Mayse
Mendez, Emily Food Service Emily.Mendez
Metz, Micah Gillespie Hall Resident Director Micah.Metz
Minner, Dennis Volunteer
Moore, LeAnn Accountant LeAnn.Moore
Morales, Neva Assistant Director of Financial Aid Neva.Hendrix
Mourn, Justin Director of Spiritual Formation and Experiential Learning Justin.Mourn
Muntz, Pat Director of Student Success Pat.Muntz
Nelson, Carolyn Development Assistant Carolyn.Nelson
Nelson, Phil Business Office Manager Phil.Nelson
Nelson, Jeremy Sports Information Director & Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach Jeremy.Nelson
Olsen, Andrew Director of Financial Aid Andy.Olsen
Parry, Ruth Registrar Ruth.Parry
Peters, Colleen Admissions Office Manager Colleen.Peters
Price, Tracy EXCEL Classroom Manager & Student Advocate Tracy.Price
Pulscher, Aaron Assistant Director of Maintenance Aaron.Pulscher
Reamy, Meaghan Tiger Central Manager Meaghan.Reamy
Reeves, Jim Criminal Justice Recruiter Jim.Reeves
Romero, Lyndsi Financial Aid Office Manager Lyndsi.Romero
Romero, Tony Parsons Hall Resident Director / Head Men's Basketball Coach Tony.Romero
Rostine, Karla Maintenance Department Administrative Assistant Karla.Rostine
Seldon, Arden Maintenance Supervisor Arden.Seldon
Shaw, Dennis Criminal Justic Recruiter Dennis.Shaw
Sides, Kim Development Assistant Kim.Sides
Smith, Chris Chief Student Affairs Officer Chris.Smith
Sparks, Jamie Assistant Women's Basketball & Counselor Jamie.Sparks
Tuszynski, Joseph Accounts Payable Clerk Joseph.Tuszynski
Vanderhoof, Douglas Director of Information Technology Doug.Vanderhoof
Wedow, Wade Admissions Counselor Wade.Wedow
Whitehouse, Heath Faculty Athletic Representative Heath.Whitehouse
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