Central Christian College employment

Position Announcement – Admissions Athletic and Transfer Coordinator

Central Christian College of Kansas (CCC) is searching for a qualified candidate to serve as the Admissions Athletic and Transfer Coordinator. This position reports directly to the Director of Admissions and is classified as full-time for 12 months with benefits. The qualified candidate must hold a Bachelor's Degree.


This position will be the main contact with coaches in facilitating the paperwork for all athletes. This person will also help the director of admissions to focus on transfers and building a stronger presence on all Kansas Junior colleges that provide potential applicants for CCC. A key component of this position will involve helping the director with reports to verify the communications with coaches and transfers.

Desirable Qualifications

  • A personal commitment to Jesus Christ
  • Educational requirement: Bachelor's Degree
  • Previous experience with calling, sales or customer service
  • Ability and desire to work with high school juniors and seniors and their families
  • Effective written and oral communication skills
  • Positive and upbeat personality with an ability to work with others in a structured environment
  • Basic computer skills and knowledge, particularly in a Windows environment

Responsibilities to the Director of Admissions

  1. Submit weekly progress reports
  2. Recruit "good-fit" new students to Central Christian College
  3. Assist in developing and implementing appropriate marketing strategies to meet individual and corporate recruiting goals
  4. Counsel prospective students and their families about their college choice
  5. Promote the College to the larger Central Community and assist in all related campus events
  6. Be familiar with the basic selling process of higher education to families, including the growing aspect of relational selling
  7. Provide updated reports regarding athletic and transfer recruitment weekly

Specific Responsibilities

  1. Know and understand the institution's academic curriculum and how the curriculum meets the needs of students. Assist the Academic Office:
    • Serve as Admissions representative for the Natural Science and Math Department assisting with departmental Open Houses
    • Assist with departmental/academic scholarship development
    • Summer Drive-in Day
    • Assist in promoting and facilitating Faculty follow-up calling
    • Academically advise incoming freshmen
  2. Telemarketing Duties
    • Maintain regular (monthly) phone contact with top prospects
    • Meet weekly & monthly telemarketing goals
    • Call every new applicant within two weeks
    • Hire and supervise telecounselors to call prospective students during the school year
  3. Maintain Periodic written communication with prospects including letters, postcards, birthday cards, personal letters or mass mailings, etc.
  4. Preview and Visit Responsibilities:
    • Ensure the schedule is printed and accurate
    • Review the schedule and specific logistics with each counselor the Tuesday prior to Preview Weekend and confirm the Thursday prior to the event
    • Coordinate with the Rez-life staff to secure housing for prospective students who are staying overnight
    • Collaborate with the Director of Experiential Learning to schedule Student Activities
  5. Counsel students and their families regarding basic financial aid procedures and college financing opportunities. Regularly prepare financial aid estimates fro all in-area applicants
  6. Travel/Regional Expectations (All transfers, all athletes from coaches):
    • Regional High School and College Fair visits should be scheduled from Sept. 1 - Nov. 1, with occasional region visits throughout the year
    • Contact region schools each September to update literature
    • Initiate communication flow to region High Schools and Junior College Guidance Counselors and current students
  7. Presentation Responsibilities:
    • Fair presentation sin your area/region of travel
    • Media/informational presentations to churches/Christian high schools/high schools in your area
  8. Athletic Liason responsibilities:
    • Stay in constant contact with the coaches regarding new athletes they are recruiting
    • Call student athletes to facilitate next level of paperwork once coach has them started
    • Ensure all student athletes are put into the CampusVue Management System in order to properly track them and produce reports indicating their status as necessary
  9. Transfer responsibilities:
    • Contact all junior colleges in the state of Knasas and maintain ongoing cycle of recruitment
    • Build up transfers, specifically non-athletes from in-state schools
    • Visit every junior college in Kansas at least once a semester

Institutional Information

  • Central Christian College currently offers three Bachelor’s degrees: Bachelor of Science in Ministry with three majors; Bachelor of Science in Business with three majors; and Bachelor of Science with twenty-one majors and nineteen emphases. We also offer thirty-nine minors/tracks.
  • Central Christian College educates students with an evangelical worldview, with a curriculum based on a Liberal Arts core.
  • Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.
  • Affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of North America.
  • Traditional student enrollment of approximately 350.
  • Located in McPherson, Kansas, a very attractive community of 14,000 people, located 55 miles north of Wichita on I-135.

*The position is Full-Time (12 months) with full benefits.

Starting Date: January 14, 2013


Persons seriously interested in this position should send an application for employment, a resume and an unofficial transcript to:

Patrick Masar
Director of Admissions
1200 South Main, P.O. Box 1403
McPherson, KS 67460
620.241.0723 Ext. 380