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This information will help us to better understand you and assist all of our students in acclimating to campus life at Central Christian College of Kansas.
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This section includes information specific to the admissions process at Central Christian College of Kansas. When detailing your higher education history, please list colleges you attended most recently, first. To receive credit hours for classes taken outside of Central Christian College of Kansas, applicants must have official transcripts from each college sent to Central Christian College of Kansas before credits may be awarded.
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Criminal Justice, Family Studies, History Science, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology
Exercise Science, Recreation, Sport Science & Health, Sports Management
Activities & Sports
In the sections below, please select what activities and/or sports you may wish to participate in at Central Christian College of Kansas. As the sports offered are made available based on the demand, each sport is labeled with a "M", "N", or both. This identifies the (M)en's and (W)omen's teams currently available. If you have questions about a sport not listed below, please fill in the "Other Sport Not Listed" field with the sport you are interested in to speak with someone about what CCC can do for you.
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Personal References
Please list the names and full addresses of two (2) non-related adults to whom we may send our Personal Reference Form. Some examples may be a high-school counselor or teacher, a pastor, youth minister, or previous employer.
Why Central Christian College of Kansas?
We realize we didn't warn you there would be essay questions, but not to worry, there's no prep necessary and this isn't a test. A profession of Christian faith is not required for admission to Central Christian College of Kansas. The college does seek to serve students who desire or appreciate our distinctively Christian educational environment, but if you really want to be here, we want you to be here, too.
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Completing this information is not necessary, but we like to brag about our students. Please let us know where we can brag about you.
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