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Music/Drama Grant Auditions

Audition Requirements

  • Students who wish to audition for a music grant should let their admissions counselor know when scheduling their visit. 
  • Have an Admissions Application on file at Central Christian College before the audition date.
  • Participate on campus on a pre-arranged audition day.
  • Dress appropriately for an audition (e.g. Guys: shirts, ties, slacks; Gals: dresses)

Contemporary Christian Music and Worship (CCM): This grant is for students who are involved in contemporary music and/or worship music. For the audition, students need to have two songs ready to perform that showcase their musical gifts and skills. Singers may use a CD track. If the student is in a performing band they may bring a recording to the audition (example: CD Demo, DVD, YouTube, etc.). Students also should expect an interview process where the instructor will ask a series of questions. The atmosphere of the tryout will be relaxed. There is no dress code. If there are any other questions, please call 1-620-241-0723 ext. 367.

Traditional Music: For the audition, students need to have two short numbers--one classical and one contemporary to perform. The selections should be solo pieces. Vocal and piano audition pieces must be memorized. Those needing an accompanist, email Professor Sylvia Wolcott or call her at 1-800-835-0078. In addition, mail/fax the music at least two weeks in advance. Instrumental auditions bring your own instrument, if portable. Professor Wolcott and other music faculty of the Central Christian College Music Department, will judge each audition.

Drama: For the drama audition students are required to present two scenes (one comedy, one drama), each of two minutes minimum in length, and describe the setting and situation before each scene. Scenes must be memorized; props may be used. Professor Roy Milam, of the Central Christian College Communications/Drama Department, will serve as judge for each audition. If you have questions, email Professor Roy Milam or call him at 1-800-835-0078.