About Central Christian College

Central Christian College of Kansas
Central Christian College of Kansas is located on an attractive campus in a residential area in the south part of McPherson, Kansas. McPherson (located 60 miles north of Wichita and 35 miles south of Salina on I-135) has a population of about 14,000 and is considered a progressive, attractive community. Among the recreational activities available are tennis and racquetball courts, several parks, a YMCA, a large water park, and a tournament-quality golf course. McPherson has many fine businesses in the downtown area, a hospital, clinics, a selection of offices for dental, medical, chiropractic, and optometric care, as well as other services. There are more than 35 churches in the area.

Central, a four-year college, is affiliated with the Free Methodist Church of North America. While accepting and supporting the doctrines of the Free Methodist Church, Central opens its door and solicits students, regardless of handicap, religious preference, race, color, economic status, or geographic location. The college character and lifestyle are communicated to each prospective student. Central has an enrollment of approximately 330 students and offers degrees as highlighted below:

Bachelor of Science (BS)
There are thirteen majors in this degree: communications, education-elementary, education- history/government, education-physical education, English, exercise science, liberal studies, music, history, natural science, psychology, social science, and sports management. Twenty-three emphases are also offered with this degree.

Bachelor of Science in Business (BSB)
There are four majors in this degree, including: accounting, management, organizational leadership, and small business. The accounting, management, and organizational leadership majors follow a traditional curriculum track, while the small business major is designed for those students who desire to own or work in a small business.

Bachelor of Science in Ministry (BSM)
There are four majors in this degree, including: general ministry, pastoral ministry, worship arts, and youth ministry. Some example careers include, pastor, associate pastor, youth pastor, director of outreach, missionary, music minister, or Christian education director.

Associate in Arts (AA)
This degree is basically geared toward transferring to another four-year institution. Example transfer programs are art, engineering, dentistry, industrial technology, journalism, law, and medicine.

Associate in General Studies (AGS)
The AGS degree is designed specifically for those students who wish to enter the job market upon graduation. Students enrolled in this program prepare to enter jobs in fields such as: accounting, banking, finance, library technology, agri-business, data processing, clerical, building instruction, childcare, piano instruction, aviation, church music, youth ministry, social service assistant, recreational leadership, etc. If students decide to pursue a baccalaureate degree while at Central, they may change from the two-year stop-out (AGS) degree to transfer to the AA degree.

Higher Learning Commission Mark of AffiliationCentral Christian College is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Other accreditations and memberships include: the Association of Christian Schools International, Associates of Free Methodist Educational Institutions, National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, Kansas State Department of Education, University of Kansas, Kansas Independent College Fund, Kansas Independent College Association, U.S. Office of Education for Administering Federal Programs, Jerusalem University College (The Institute of Holy Land Studies), and Focus on the Family Institute (in Colorado Springs, Colorado).

Students & Alumni
About twenty-three percent of Central’s students are from Kansas, with the remaining seventy-seven from other states, foreign countries, and continents: such as, Canada, Japan, Africa, and Mexico. Most students live on campus in student housing. Job service is provided at the college to aid students in finding jobs on and off campus, while attending Central. CCC’s alumni throughout America and the world are viewed with the greatest respect, in terms of productivity, achievement, citizenship, and Christian influence.